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GreenAir Inc
How It Works

GreenAir Inc utilizes DryAir equipment in many ways.


All of the DryAir systems operate by heating a food grade glycol and pumping it through primary hoses, manifolds and secondary hoses to heat exchangers which extract the heat through a fan driven radiator system.


Heating mediums at present include natural gas, propane, diesel fuel and steam.  All of the heating units are open to the atmosphere and operate at low-pressure levels and, as such, are not considered boilers.


The heat exchangers are individually controlled by a thermostat or humidistat; the heating unit shuts down to "pilot" conditions based on return glycol temperatures.  This feature further minimizes energy consumption.

Temporary Heat

DryAir Systems can provide the perfect amount of heat for an enclosed structure to run effectively.  The central heating unit is parked outside the structure.  This unit heats food grade glycol and circulates it to portable heat exchanges.  The exchanges transfer the energy from the glycol to the air which is blown through a fan and circulated thought out the structure. 


These are the ideal way to heat and/or dry structures. Their compact and mobile design make for easy positioning and fast set up time. The system is provides clean, low humidity, hot air blown from fans inside the heat exchanger.  Each heat exchanger provides 900-2200 CFM's which can flush moister ridden air out side by providing positive pressure inside the structure.

Central Healting Unit

Primary Hoes, Manifold, Secondary Hose

80 Heat Exchanger

Ground Thaw and Cure

DryAir Systems has perfected the art of evenly distributing heat for ground thaw and curing.  We have the ability to heat a surface up to 18,000 sq. ft. with a signal unit. 


Thawing and curing system contains a central heating system, primary hose, manifold and secondary real thaw/cure hose.  The system works by spreading hose 1 1/2 ft apart over the area you wish thawed.


Using larger thaw/cure hose helps transfer more heat to the ground. Utilizing the Smart thaw System, balanced heat is delivered throughout the thaw/cure area, accelerating thawing by as much as 50%.


Structural Drying

Structural drying goes by many names including water damage remediation and water damage restoration.  We choose structural drying because it encompasses everything we do.


Drying is very similar to temporary heat set up with one key difference... we heat the structure up rapidly generally to around 100 degrees.  We improve the evaporation rate by adding fans which moves vapor barriers allowing the structure to dry rapidly. 


DryAir's line of structural drying equipment are known as AquaDry. To learn more visit www.aquadrysystems.com or www.aquadrymidwest.com.  


Climate Control

In a normal set up of a DryAir system the heat exchangers will turn off and on based on the temperature inside the structure.  With a humidistat you can set the heat exchangers to turn on when the humidity gets to high.


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